July Creative Wood Recap and Next Event

The winning team of Drew Newbold, Mike Baddley and Riley Lopez took the night’s title and the honor of keeping the coveted Creative Wood trophy safe until the next competition; scheduled for Wednesday, August 16th @ Sacramento Marketing Labs at 5:30pm. Creative directors, principals, business development professionals, designers, account executives, media buyers and more gathered together at Seraphein Beyn last Wednesday evening for the regular Creative Wood competition. Attendees chowed down on yummy cubana sliders, fruit, chips and salsa provided by Seraphein Beyn and adult beverages while letting go of of the week’s stresses in a friendly critical thinking challenge.

Each team was randomly assigned a product or business, a specific business challenge, such as “increase sales” or “retain employees” and a specific data point such as “retired pastors” or “low income Asian couples 35-49”.  All teams were given 15 minutes to brainstorm the challenge and come up with a headline and advertisement that would accomplish the random goal assigned.  At the end of the time each team assigned someone to present the team’s thought process and final headline and advertisement.

“This event was so much fun.  There is not enough time in each day to spend thinking critically about advertising as a whole and Creative Wood brings all types of advertising professional together and encourages brainstorming, collaboration, developing strategies and working towards a goal without the stresses of dealing with a real client.”  Drew Newbold, Creative Services Director of Entercom Sacramento and co-Founder of Mercenary Creative Group.

“When I was putting together the details of this event I supplied real products, real life challenges and real data segments so that the process of creating an ad could feel real," explained Heather Smith, AAF Sacramento Board Secretary. "What I didn’t expect was the laughter that stemmed after randomly coupling the categories or the additional challenge when products were coupled with challenges that didn’t really make sense from the surface.  The final round where all teams competed using the same product, challenge and data segment caused for such strife.  The random product was Lucky Buddy Pet Care, the challenge to increase foot traffic and the target audience was high school seniors.  Lucky Buddy Pet Care doesn’t have a location so how do you increase foot traffic?  And with regards to high school seniors; is that the audience you want to attract to walk the dogs or the audience you are trying to solicit…and on and one and on.  By the end of the night we were all laughing so hard.

Join the AAF Sacramento Ad Club for the next Creative Wood Competition on Wednesday, August 16th at Sacramento Marketing Labs from 5:30-7:30pm

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